Don't Quit Before the Miracle


As crazy & painful as life can get sometimes, never lose hope. I am living proof! LIVING PROOF! So, let me tell you what recently happened to me so you can see what is possible for you when you start standing up for your dreams & putting manifestation techniques to the test. 

As some of you may know, I was faced with a life threatening condition last year during my pregnancy with my third child. It is called placenta accreta with complete placenta previa. It was THE MOST scary time of my life as the doctors could not say for certain that I would live to see the end of any given day up until my scheduled early delivery. It required a complete hysterectomy to save my life & put my baby & I on the healing track. 

I survived with flying colors, but needless to say my business & coaching practice took a huge hit. I wasn't sure how long it would take me to get back on my feet & fully providing for my children. 

I began practicing mindfulness & self-care like crazy. Why? Because I was freakin suffering. I was scared, I had some PTSD symptoms, & I just wanted to thrive again. 

Fast-forward, it worked! It worked! I am now thriving like never before after months of horror. Miracles are literally popping off every freakin day!!!!!

This is what I did. 

I wrote down what I wanted in present tense terms as if it were happening right now. I recorded it. I listened to it or recited my desires out loud everyday. I took consistent action in that direction & just when I thought I was going to give up...

An unexpected door opened up wide! An opportunity fell in my lap to create something gorgeous out of my painful life experiences. Tears filled my eyes at the thought of me standing up in front of teenagers telling my story & teaching them the nuggets that are saving my life. 

Not only are people interested in my transformative programs, but my colleague found 2 immediate funders to fully & completely fund me in developing a prevention program for at-risk youth & women in regards to sexual exploitation. OMG. OMG.

You see there was one line in my ideal vision that I was reciting about developing online programs for youth as a side project to be proud of... I had no idea it was this or in this way. All of a sudden people are willing to trust someone they don't even know, me, to create something brand new that has the potential to go viral due to where federal funding is trickling down right now for prevention programs. 

I was so blown away, humbled, & so excited that I lost my breath yesterday at word that I had another funder to pilot my course. I got dizzy, called my dad & cried. 

In addition, my private coaching practice is almost completely filled with women I have true love & admiration for. It all shifted to overflowing abundance.

Here's the thing. We must believe in ourselves. We must ask for what we want & then be willing to receive even if it shocks us right off our butts. 

You can do this too, sister. You can do this too. 

Say what you want everyday. Say it like you mean it. Better yet, record it & listen to it in your car on your way to work. Do it! And let me know what happens. 

Vibrancy, miracles, & feminine powers are our birth right. It is not just for the elite. You have the power inside you. I swear. 

If a PTSD, freaked out, single mother of 3 can manifest like crazy & help people, SO CAN YOU.

Step into the light & walk in the sun light of the spirit. I DARE YOU!

Sending so much love,