Rager? 3 Things You can do to Transform Rage.

From my experience, rage can be one of the most painful & shameful human experiences of one's self. It would be easy to judge certain character defects as being better than others such as being lazy for example. I would rather be a lazy person than a rage-ful person because being lazy generally doesn't inflict harm onto others as rage can. 

I have been on the healing path for a long time people, a long time, and only recently have I made progress with the experience of rage. I raged as a young child, I raged as a revolutionary teenager, and I raged as a single mother just trying to love the world as best I could, but nothing would relieve me of my self-inflicted destructive tendencies when I experienced rage. 

I searched high, & I searched low... I acquired skills to help shift my relationship to the rage with in turn started to lighten the load. Here are the top 3 things that have transformed my relationship with the rage...

1. TIME-OUTS. Stop engaging with who ever or what ever the trigger is. It's much easier to come back to love & to see more clearly if you reduce the stimuli. You deserve it & everyone will thank you later for knowing what you need.

2.Drop out of the thoughts & into the body. Ride this baby like a big wave surfer! Hop out of the thought plane & onto a surf board to experience the rage as energy... sometimes an energy that is ancient in your lineages. You are the spiritual surf rider! Usually it only wants to be felt & according to somatic psychology it can ride right out of your body in 90 seconds when truly disconnecting from the thought process. 

3. Take responsibility for your reactions & beliefs systems. No matter what horrific trauma has happened to you, there is no justification or excuse for behaving poorly to others. That excuse just gets old & suffering becomes intolerable when you get sick of it. Being happy requires diligence, determination, & personal accountability. 

Depending on your relationship to the triggers, this may transform quickly or you may be like me & you are in for the long haul... either way we get to love ourselves and get a little more free with each passing day. 

Watch this VIDEO & Comment below on how this sits with you.