"Robin has a sure presence and compelling power innate to her. I've had the opportunity to co-present with Robin for years and each time her expertise in invaluable, both for her willingness to share from her rich personal experience and due to her dedication to research in this field." 
-Rachel Thomas, founder of Sowers Education Group & survivor leader
"Robin worked with us to refine our approach to training volunteers to work with our computer programming students at AnnieCannons, who are human trafficking survivors.  She offered intelligent, creative solutions to help us give meaningful training that was manageable for a volunteer who was new to this complex, sensitive work.  I'd enthusiastically reach out to Robin again to consult for us!" 
~Jessica L. Hubley, CEO AnnieCannons, Inc.


Sex trafficking awareness Trainings

At a time when human trafficking has become more accessible and lucrative than any other crime in the world, raising awareness and equipping families and professionals is vital. We need to prepare our communities to take a stand for justice. Sex trafficking is everywhere and can happen to anyone. Survivors of sex trafficking are leading the way to help drive home the sobering realities of this crime. Trainings are provided by survivors themselves who have become experts in their fields. Personal accounts will be interwoven with startling facts to move and inspire not only empathy, but action as well. You will be left armed with resources, knowledge, and action plans. Trainings will include:

  • Outline & define what is the commercial sexual exploitation of children

  • Current research & statistics

  • Laws & movements

  • Traffickers strategies

  • Identification- signs of trafficking

  • Trauma perspective

  • Clear real life stories & examples interwoven

  • The role of culture & media

  • Protocol for responding

  • Survivor empowerment & leadership


Youth Empowerment Workshops

Prevention. Prevention. Prevention. Let's arm the youngsters with awareness and empowerment before they become traffickers and victims. Workshops will be tailored to younger audiences and relevant topics for their age. They will learn about what human trafficking on all levels and what looks like in their area. They will be empowered to protect themselves, and hopefully to take a stand against sexual exploitation as a whole. The Youth Empowerment Workshops include:

  • Understanding domestic minor sex trafficking

  • Learn the sneaky ways media & pop culture contributes

  • Pimp culture & strategies

  • What to watch out for

  • What to do if you spot it

  • Robin's raw & real story

  • Claiming your personal gifts & power

  • How you can get involved to end sexual exploitation


MOVE your BODY MOVE your Heart!



Yoga, dance, & heart openings are like medicine to your entire being. You hold stress and traumas inside your joints and muscles, so it is pertinent to your overall health to incorporate movement into a sustainable health & wellness plan. All body systems need to be in balance for optimal wellbeing. 

I can develop a personalized plan of action to not only get you started, but to find what invigorates you and brings you joy so that this new life style will be sure to last. I don't exercise unless it's FUN! I will teach you how to get in shape, bring your sexy out, & have a blast doing it. 




"Robin was able to guide a room full of hardworking, well educated and ambitious women to a place where aunthenticy was felt among and between us all. This exercise will be one of the most memorable in my life. I cannot thank her enough for making herself available and showing up with such grace and confidence."
~Carissa Phelps, CEO, Runaway Girl FPC
"I appreciated your words of wisdom when you led the yoga class at the retreat!  I loved your calmness and even flow pace of the yoga moves, and I was truly touched by your encouragement to be kind to myself and to be mindful of when I become negative and use critical/harsh words towards myself.  That stuck with me, and now if I utter something negative to myself, I either out loud (as long as no one is around) or to myself will “retract” or “delete” or “rewind” what I said and then try to engage a positive dialogue of myself.  Thank you for that gift, I am truly grateful and still feeling the benefits 1 month later!"
~Rose Mukhar
Social Justice and Victims’ Rights Attorney
Founder, Justice At Last, Inc.

"Robin, you were absolutely amazing in your opening Yoga class. As pretty much a first timer I was reluctant to do a 7am class. I expected to be in pain but what you showed was not only explained very well and felt wonderful on my body, but things I felt I could do at home. And no doubt your closing workshop of course was just as inspiring."

~Stacy Jewell, Improv Facilitator



I design beautiful curriculums and workshops tailored to specific topics and the needs of the participants to create a sacred space for people to have an EXPERIENCE. Organizations benefit from creating wellness in their staff and clients. You can book me for your conference or retreat to bring a customized workshop on fitness & wellness for the people you care about.