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In 2008, I made a decision stop at nothing to save my own life from complete misery when I discovered I would be a single mother with vert little opportunity to thrive. In order for me to turn my life around & heal deep trauma, anxiety, and addictive behaviors, I had to reach out to all my resources.

Only someone who has know the depths of despair can help those who are suffering.

My spiritual journey to wholeness has been enriched with ancient wisdom teachings of yoga, the Mexican folk medicine art of curanderismo, the teachings of my Native ancestry on the red road, and that of being human falling on my face 1000x. I found expansive non-ordinary states of consciousness to be the key to unlocking my own healing potential after decades of therapy.

Therapy is sometimes necessary, but word can only take our development so far. Many things must be felt & learned from the heart & the energetic field.

My life is an absolute miracle everyday.

I have now led hundreds of people through workshops, 1-1 coaching, and retreats to experience what true transformation requires: commitment, vulnerability, willingness, & relentless love. I discovered the fastest way to create lasting transformation is to combine the transformative work with real life practical steps working towards a vision or a goal.

In addition, I have also been at the forefront of the survivor led anti-human trafficking movement since 2011 paving the way for social change around the sex trafficking of young people.

This is all done through the medicine of the feminine way, an understanding of conscious human development, & earth based wisdom. Medicina Femenina.

Deep listening, intuition, vulnerability, & unconditional love.

From this place I write. I teach. I speak. And, I hold ceremonies to help people remember what they have forgotten.

All of my success, I owe to the countless people, places, & things that have supported & guided me with pure love. I bow deeply to the divine essence behind it all.

Thank you for my life.


MY Mission

My mission is to support the evolution of consciousness through healing and a reconnection to the sacredness of being human so that Mother Earth and her children can thrive. My contract is with Pachamama.

If we want to create change in the world, if we want to empower others, we first must change & empower ourselves. We need to have a wellspring of power in order to empower.
— Robin Rivera, Teacher of Transformation

training + Creds…

  • B.A. in Social Welfare from University of California, Berkeley 2014

  • MA in Consciousness & Transformation

  • Certified Integrative Wellness & Life Coach

  • 200 hr RYT under the world renowned Sianna Sherman

  • Sound Healing with Madhu Anziani

  • 3 years training with medicine women

  • Chosen as a 2012 George Miller Scholar conducting original research on child sex trafficking in the US

  • Received 37+ awards (SEE AWARDS)

  • Student of Curanderismo under Atava Garcia an ancient holistic approach to wellness

  • Graduate of Insight Seminars