This is about facing the shadows of our hearts & minds TO STEP INTO LEADERSHIP & SUCCESS. 



  • By building self-acceptance and compassion you can free yourself from the gut wrenching grips of the past. 

  • We are not what we have done or what was done to us! We are so much more. 

  • If we turn towards the trauma, we instantly transform it into something that works for us, not against us.

  •  If we are willing to look at our self-doubt dead in the face, we will find its a facade. A new & capable identity can then be born. 

  • We must clear the gunk out of our minds if we are to find and claim the gifts we have to bring into the world. 


I use powerful storytelling and jaw dropping truths to usher people into a deeper knowing of themselves. A knowing of power, passion, and possibility. 


"Robin is an amazing, brilliant and articulate speaker.  She shares her story from her heart and in so doing inspires and touches those around her.  She truly lives out the transformation that she so eloquently shares.  Most importantly, it is her own generosity to help support and heal those who have had similar experiences that make Robin such an inspiration."
~Kimberly Tomlinson, CalWORKs Coordinator, Las Positas College
Robin is a motivating, energetic, and moving presenter who can discuss really difficult and dark topics while masterfully bringing in hope and solutions. In addition to her powerful voice, she has greatly helped to shape and move leaders to collaborate through her insight and wisdom.
 ~Dawn Hawkins, Executive Director, National Center on Sexual Exploitation
"Her insight and professional skills as an advocate and survivor leader bring something to the table that we need."
~Anna Ptak, Survivor Leader


 Topics for Speaking:

  • Transforming Trauma Into Freedom

  • My Story of Radical Transformation & Overcoming Adversity

  • Sex Exploitation From A Survivor's Perspective

  • The Truth About Porn

  • Life After Rape: Overcoming Sexual Assault & Violence

  • Not Mentally Sick... Spiritually Gifted

  • Youth Empowerment

  • Spirituality, Healing, & Consciousness


"I'm reading the survey comments/suggestions from last year's CalWORKs conference, and I just wanted to pass along that your presentation was overwhelmingly complimented and praised. I realize life gets hard sometimes and we all feel a little discouraged, but it's important to know that YOU and your story have made a significant impact on many folks and we all appreciate your good works."
~Vicky Haye, CalWORKs Coordinator, Orange County Community College