"The energy and the power was overwhelming and the guided meditation had me weeping half way through & long after. I left with an abundance of hope, encouragement & most importantly a reminder that I CAN and WILL accomplish my dreams. And then I'll chase some more and some more!"
~Katy Downey, Personal Trainer
"I see the difference in the work I can do with a life coach like Robin Rivera. She has overcome so much from her own life's experience, therefore she is able to provide hope and drive for someone looking to transform their life and re write their story. I instantly felt safe and connected. Her action based coaching makes you see how tasks go above and beyond when put into practice. She helps me look forward to each day, as I work to meet my daily goals and put the work we do into practice. She gives me hope that I can overcome my past trauma, depression and anxiety, and create the fulfilled life I always dreamed of. I believe in myself and my future, because of Robin."
~Tiffany Z. Kelley, Registered Nurse
"Robin has been outstanding at helping when I have needed centering in a loving and inspiring way! This morning I am wishing I had her on speed dial!"
~Carissa Phelps, CEO & Founder of Runaway Girl, FPC





Complimentary Consultation

One key thing to remember when you are looking for the right life coach, you want to know you resonate with each other to hold the container for you to transform. I offer a  FREE consultation to help us get a feel for each others styles and intensions. During the consultation:

  1. You will share with me who you are and what you are trying to accomplish.

  2. You will learn how my style of coaching and the experience can help you.

  3. You will learn how you and I will work together & create lasting transformation


"She is hands down one of the most genuine and altruistic human beings I have ever met. There came a period  when it seemed like everything was falling apart. I was anxious and stressed out because I couldn't understand what was happening to me; my physical health was rapidly deteriorating.
After talking to Robin, I was able to overcome my inability to reach out and ask for help.  She helped me address the underlying issues that prevented me from taking the time to nourish my basic needs. I am now on the right track again. 

She knows how to sift through the layers of various circumstances and negative energy that may cause one to lose one's footing. She will show you how to decipher the signs that arise when those same obstacles may be returning and she will show you how to make a plan to get through."
~Sujey R., Albany, CA


Half Day Intensives & Packaged Programs

Contact me for more information on how this can work for you...


Her depth and experience give her a powerful ability to connect with her clients in a real, yet purposeful way. I felt nurtured and understood, while still being guided to move beyond what stops me with awareness and courage. Her sensitivity is one-of-kind.
~Shannon Mahoney, Creative Arts Consultant & Coach


For details on packages set up a consultation.