Create Your Place In the World, Be Seen.

Private mentoring program for the modern day magical woman.

One-on-one mentorship diving into the core of who you are & embracing what you find, is the best investment you can make. Only from this place can you begin to implement strategic action plans & get lasting results.

You are the one’s we’ve all been waiting for. Your voice, your wisdom, & the healthiest version of yourself is needed.

You were meant to lead through the example of your life.

No matter what you have been through, you are the only one to free yourself. I know, because I’m living it & it is my honor to gift you the keys to unlock the doors to your freedom.

Personalized mentorship is the best investment you can make.

I’ve discovered the fastest way to create lasting transformation is to combine the inner process work, including expanded states of consciousness, with a strategic action plan. With me, you will amplify your vibration, clear out the funk in the way, & consistently apply proven leadership skills to birth your creation & build your personal brand of your mission & nothing but your authentic mission.

You can’t find the solution with the same level of thinking that created the problem.


Transformational inner work

We can only move forward as far as we can get over our inner hang ups. No one is immune to this process. With acute awareness & guidance, you can transform any obstacle into a something that actually fuels your life’s mission & desires.

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Strategic action plan

The inner work is not enough. To get results & lasting change, we work together with short & long term milestones. This is about surrendered action, effort without force. I teach invaluable skill sets to level up in the way you show up in the world.


I empower women with the leadership skills they need so they can BE the change in the world they wish to see.


Leadership Skills Offered

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Public Speaking

Unleash the genius of your innate wisdom, whether it’s in a meeting, with your partner, or your first live speaking engagement. I can help you write & deliver your talk with ease & confidence.

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Biz development

Great ideas need structure & a container for them to blossom. I help women clarify their ideas, identify pitfalls, & streamline a strategic action plan to launch their much needed services in the world.

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authentic marketing

Credentials & good ideas seem to fall flat in the market place unless you learn how to #1 speak your people’s language, #2 be authentic, & #3 navigate the ever-changing trends in marketing.