I'm Robin.

A wild woman warrior, a soul-centered leadership coach for women on a mission! I create digital courses & I write from my raw truth. In addition, I speak nationally on women's issues & restoration of mind, body, & spirit after incredible adversity.

I help women, like you, become the jaw droppin' leader you're meant to be so that you can speak your truth in all situations & take courageous action to better your life & livelihood! 




I work with clients from a integrative & transformative framework which means we look at all domains of your life, not just the seeming problem area.

Identifying the blocks in your way & reframing them to actually work for you instead of against you is the big game changer. 


Are looking for your purpose.

Want to leave your soul sucking job once & for all.

You are afraid to speak up at meetings, to lovers, & in public.

Fear, self doubt, & overwhelm stop you in your tracks.

Stressed and anxious often.

Want to freakin' love yourself after reading all those self-help books, damn it!

If so, I see you. I know you, & there is another way to be successful in the world. It doesn't matter where you've been or how far off the track you got, I can teach you to unleash your voice... unstick yourself... & acquire some savvy business skills to match your area of expertise.


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"The energy and the power was overwhelming. The guided meditation had me weeping half way through & long after. I left with an abundance of hope, encouragement & most importantly a reminder that I CAN and WILL accomplish my dreams. And then I'll chase some more and some more!"
~Katy Downey, Personal Trainer
"Her action based coaching makes you see how tasks (that may seem small at first) go above and beyond when put into practice. I have continued to bring in the tools Robin has helped me create for my mind body connection. I am gaining confidence in my first career, I am feeling worthy of stability, and I am challenging my inner critic and self doubt."
~Tiffany Z., RN
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"Personally I thought I had my shit together, I can now stand in my power and say I was wrong and that's ok. I very much appreciate how Robin fully listens and has been able to cater to my needs based on all I had going on in my head."
~Angelina Hernandez, Reiki Practitioner-Health Coach

"I am very thankful to Robin Rivera for an excellent business coaching! Robin has a warm and easy going personality. I received a lot of great tips and guidance about where I am in my business-self development. Robin illuminated the path of my next steps to make my business succeed. Her sound advice is ingrained in my mind moving forward. Thank you Robin!"

   ~Johnna Love, Divine Reflections: Intuitive Readings & Spiritual Guidance

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