“Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth.”


- Pema Chodron


Hi, i’m robin!

Welcome to my site. The work you will find here is devoted to your healing, your awakening, & supporting the good work you are meant to do in the world.

I have discovered the fastest, most efficient way to truly heal & move in the direction of your dreams is to combine transformational work, earth based wisdom, & practical action steps.

I am dedicated helping people take back their lives & find true freedom.



“Her depth and experience give her a powerful ability to connect with her clients in a real, yet purposeful way. I felt nurtured and understood, while still being guided to move beyond what stops me with awareness and courage.Her sensitivity is one-of-kind.”

Shannon Mahoney, Creative Coach

Shannon Mahoney, Creative Coach


"I see the difference in the work I can do with a life coach like Robin. She is able to provide hope and drive for someone looking to transform their life and re-write their story. I instantly felt safe and connected."

Tiffany Kelly, Nurse

Tiffany Kelly, Nurse


"Working with Robin has shifted so much for me in a really short amount of time. The tools and resources that she taught me were priceless."

Christina Asteria, Founder  of Phoenix Rising

Christina Asteria, Founder

of Phoenix Rising

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