Bringing Back Ceremony

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Feeling funky? You can receive a mind, body, spirit cleansing based in Curanderismo, a traditional Mexican healing art for holistic health. This is a heart to heart coaching session, followed by the use of an egg & herbal allies to pull out negative energies & sicknesses. When necessary an energetic closing & protection ritual takes place.


Sacred ceremonies & private sessions

The earth has gifted us allies to assist in our healing, the evolution of consciousness, & to reconnect with our world in a better way, in a beauty way. Ritual & expanded states of awareness allow you to tap into your inner self-healing mechanisms in profound, life altering ways.

Robin, thank you so deeply for your courage to walk this path and bring your whole being into service of this immense work. I am in awe of your spirit that leaps into this profound abyss and deeply touched that you held space for me to awaken to an essence that has been locked away so tightly in me for many lifetimes. Thank you sister for your medicina feminina. You are a good medicine woman. You hold this in a good way, with right relationship, with steady openness to what comes, with reverence, and I am blessed to be a witness and receiver of how you hold the sacred. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— Participant
Mi experiencia with Robin has been unmatched. In retrospect, it has taken many months after our experience to really articulate and innerstand how our encounter has brought me back to life and most importantly, back to my little one. Robin provided me with a communal space to trust, love, and heal. The emotions that I had deliberately ran away from, were now surrounding me in the physical form of Robin. Welcoming her big heart, grounding energy, and empathetic passion was my final yes to myself. I was being called to reciprocate her energy and to rise above my ashes to spread my wings. As of today, I no longer move or sing the same. However, I now hold the power of a phoenix, to reclaim my peace, and rise above the ashes once again.
— Participant