Bringing Back Ceremony

Ritual & ceremony has been an important part of human existence for thousands of years, but much of the sacredness has been lost in modern day culture. Weddings, graduations, and other religious ceremonies are performed all the time, but do you feel deeply connected to them? What do they mean to you?

Bringing back ceremonial practices allow for a safe container to promote incredible and almost miraculous healing. I bled traditional & non-traditional rituals to create a healing ceremony specific to the people who are being called to heal in this way.

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Feeling funky? You can receive a mind, body, spirit cleansing based in Curanderismo, a traditional Mexican healing art for holistic health. This is a heart to heart coaching session, followed by the use of an egg & herbal allies to pull out negative energies & sicknesses. When necessary an energetic closing & protection ritual takes place.


Sacred medicines

The earth has gifted us many allies to assist in our healing, the evolution of consciousness, & to reconnect with all our world in a better way. Expanded states of awareness allow you to tap into your inner self-healing mechanisms in profound, life changing ways.