Rager? 3 Things You can do to Transform Rage.

From my experience, rage can be one of the most painful & shameful human experiences of one's self. It would be easy to judge certain character defects as being better than others such as being lazy for example. I would rather be a lazy person than a rage-ful person because being lazy generally doesn't inflict harm onto others as rage can. 

I have been on the healing path for a long time people, a long time, and only recently have I made progress with the experience of rage. I raged as a young child, I raged as a revolutionary teenager, and I raged as a single mother just trying to love the world as best I could, but nothing would relieve me of my self-inflicted destructive tendencies when I experienced rage. 


I searched high, & I searched low... I acquired skills to help shift my relationship to the rage with in turn started to lighten the load. Here are the top 3 things that have transformed my relationship with the rage...

1. TIME-OUTS. Stop engaging with who ever or what ever the trigger is. It's much easier to come back to love & to see more clearly if you reduce the stimuli. You deserve it & everyone will thank you later for knowing what you need.

2.Drop out of the thoughts & into the body. Ride this baby like a big wave surfer! Hop out of the thought plane & onto a surf board to experience the rage as energy... sometimes an energy that is ancient in your lineages. You are the spiritual surf rider! Usually it only wants to be felt & according to somatic psychology it can ride right out of your body in 90 seconds when truly disconnecting from the thought process. 

3. Take responsibility for your reactions & beliefs systems. No matter what horrific trauma has happened to you, there is no justification or excuse for behaving poorly to others. That excuse just gets old & suffering becomes intolerable when you get sick of it. Being happy requires diligence, determination, & personal accountability. 

Depending on your relationship to the triggers, this may transform quickly or you may be like me & you are in for the long haul... either way we get to love ourselves and get a little more free with each passing day. 

Watch this VIDEO & Comment below on how this sits with you. 

Awakening The Wild Woman

Answering the Call of the Wild Woman - By Robin Rivera

As I sit here feeling betrayed, upset, & flabbergasted that I have been scrutinized time and time again by men, institutions, and at times the law… I am seeing more clearly. The story of me being wrong, bad, too much, or too little is nothing but a sad socially constructed one.

In the night, in my dark hours weeping, I can hear her whispering to me, calling me to remember. And as i write this, I let her inhabit me, I let her tell me her story.

I feel tears well up in my eyes as I listen because there has been a grave misunderstanding about who I am in this world. It was I who was defiant, I who dressed scantily, I who revolted and spit and cried out with longing and rage. I was arrested, medicated, and labeled damaged.
The wild woman, the wise woman… shows me my story for my story is her story.

I was not wrong or broken. I have never tried to disguise myself as good girl. I am not a liar or a fake. I thought these were my defects, but she shows me this was & is my brilliance. I did what I wanted, I followed my darkness and my bliss. I have lived out loud. I have taken wild risks… done and achieved things none, not one, of my friends dare to try. 

But, I, I… I am the one who has lived so closely to the wild woman she lives and breathes through me. Society taught me to shame her, to get degrees, to try to CHANGE this part of me so as to fit in the small woman box.

But, I am not small & never have been. I am not tame or quiet. Lady like or reserved.

I see these horrible and amazing things I have experienced, fought for, and technically died for… these are not my weaknesses, these are my strengths. For I am the one who could not deny the wild woman in me even if I wanted to. I remember her now… I want to honor her now.

I see myself 9 years old playing in my underwear in the creek, fishing with my hands, crushing blackberries on the rocks to make jam… I see her climbing trees naked in Maui, diving in the ocean to catch crabs without a net, dancing to the drums topless... I remember now. She is I, and I am her. 

I evoke & awaken the wild woman in me & the wild woman in you. She's alive.


Learn to Re-Write Your Story

Learn to Re-Write Your Story

What if I told you, you have the ability to take your power back no matter what has happened to you, no matter what you have done, and make a new a heroic tale?

You no longer have to believe the stories you have been told, or the thoughts that bring you down inside. You can re-write a whole new story to tell, a more empowering vision of yourself. I know it is hard to believe right now, but trust me, if I can do it, YOU CAN TOO.

Might As Well Love Yourself Silly

Might As Well Love Yourself Silly

I discovered I was more lovely, more radiant, more powerful, more creative, more sexy than I ever could of imagine. I felt the delight of my own presence wash in and through me in ecstasy. I thought to myself, "My God, I had it all wrong. I am the opposite of what I thought. Everyone must know the truth about who they are."